Ghouls are carnivorous, cannibalistic humanoids. Both internally and externally, ghouls bear an incredible likeness to humans, with few exceptions; it is this trait that allows them to blend into human society. The two are similar enough to even reproduce together under certain circumstances, creating One-eyed ghouls (half-ghouls) and half-humans. Furthermore, all humans can theoretically become ghouls through an overload in their RC cell count.

Because of their nature as predatory towards humans, ghouls are prosecuted and hunted down by the CCG.

Biology Edit

Ghouls are only capable of consuming human flesh for food; the consumption of human food does not bring a ghoul any nutrients, and the mere tasting of it gives ghouls an incredible urge to vomit. An exception to this rule is the drinking of coffee. Ghouls do not need to eat in the same timespan as humans do; they can last for several months on one body alone. However, many ghouls eat to increase their own RC cell count, or simply for the emotional high it gives them.

A ghoul, when incredibly hungry, will lose the capability of higher thought, acting solely on their instinct to eat human flesh. Atop the painful headaches, they will seek out any source of human flesh, no matter how close that flesh may be to them in their hearts. Ghouls can also consume the flesh of their kin; when done enough, this can potentially lead to a mutation known as a kakuja.

A ghoul's most telling differences come in the midst of combat. A kagune is a collection of RC cells that form upon a ghoul's back via their kakuhou sacs. Moreover, while using their kagune, a ghoul's iris(es), and the veins within their eyes, will turn red, while their sclera turns black; this is referred to as a kakugan.

Ghouls are, physically, stronger, more resistant and faster than humans. Their strength allows them to send a human flying back with enough force, whereas traditional weapons will break upon their skin, leaving a cut that can quickly regenerate.

Lifestyle Edit

Due to the Ghoul Countermeasures Law, ghouls can be hunted down, apprehended or even killed, as they are considered criminals. As such, a ghoul has two options; they can either choose to live as a hermit or vagabond, isolating themselves from society, or they can assimilate into society at their own risk.

Statistics Edit

< Strength = Ghoul >

< Speed = Ghoul >

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< Stamina = Ghoul >

< Regeneration = Ghoul >

#= Perks =#

* 2 Strengths *

* 1 Weakness *

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